Uematsu Shokai's Corporate Profile

Company name: Uematsu Shokai Co., Ltd.
Date founded: May 1, 1950
Date established: June 9, 1955
Capital: 1.1755 billion JPY
Fiscal year-end: March 20 (1 time per year)
No. of employees: 92 (as of March 2015)
Sales offices: Hachinohe, Miyako, Kitakami, Ichinoseki, Furukawa, Ishinomaki, Taiwa (Sendai), Sennan, Fukushima, Haramachi, Shirakawa, Yokohama

Business Concept

We support hands-on production of world-class quality with our mission of building bridges to connect people with other people while flexibly responding to changes in the industrial structure.

Stock Listing
-In 1991, Uematsu Shokai became the first direct sales trading company to be listed on the stock market in Japan-

We must improve the social position of machine tool trading and contribute to the development of the Tohoku region. We must also strengthen the financial standing of our company and develop it throughout the ages. These were the resolutions of our founder, Rinkichi Uematsu. As a result, Uematsu Shokai became the first direct sales trading company to be listed on the stock market in Japan in November 1991. Being listed on the stock market means that a company is continually transparent, healthy, and fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It is also proof of our trust in our customers.

What is JASDAQ?
-Japan Securities Dealers Association Quotation-

Security Code 9914

JASDAQ is a stock market opened and operated by the JASDAQ Securities Exchange for emerging companies. It was originally implemented in 1991 as the Japan Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations. The JASDAQ market is a market with the market maker system at its core focusing on distinctive companies, growing companies, and venture companies for its business model. However due to a change in the system, performing credit transactions has also become possible. From the standpoint of cultivating emerging markets, the listing requirements of JASDAQ are laxer than that of preexisting markets such as the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

A Customer-driven Company
-Uematsu Shokai in times of trouble! The Uematsu Shokai we rely on!-

We want to be our customers' number one partner so that they will say "When the time comes, it's Uematsu that we can turn to." Here at Uematsu Shokai, we focus on person to person relationships and provide service that's not possible through internet business. We deepen trust between us and our customers by interacting with them on a daily basis, and are able to propose the most suitable business solutions for our customers.

A Technological Trading Company
-Things that only we at Uematsu Shokai, with our 65 years of achievements and hands-on production in our DNA, can do -

Under the theme "local production, local trade," we are getting vital, new customers involved and are building a system to address their needs. Through our network that spans overseas, our technical staff, with their hands-on production experience and knowledge of engineering, work together with our 13 sales offices to provide outsourcing and substitute procurement. By seeing our customers' needs through our own eyes, we here at the technological trading company, Uematsu Shokai, are able to provide a total cost reduction by procuring from both domestic and international sources.

Photo: Our affiliated factory in China


  • Machine tools

    Seeking new possibilities of FMS production systems.

    NC/MC machine tools, electric discharge machines/grinders, various FA systems

  • Machine tool accessories

    Utilizing our accumulated know-how to the maximum possible extent.

    NC/MC peripherals, cutting tools, measurement equipment, various machine equipment

  • Industrial machinery

    FA ideas are alive and well at Uematsu.

    Logistic equipment, hydraulic/pneumatic equipment, labor-saving automation system equipment, FA system equipment

  • Conductors

    The creation of all systems begins here.

    Bearings/motors, conductors, reducers, transmissions

  • Environmental products

    The best partners for this environmental era.

    Environmental loading reduction devices, service proposals that contribute to environment conservation, spreading of RDV systems

What is a hands-on manufacturing network?

A network of pulsing arteries that accelerate merchandise procurement, a versatile human network of specialists, and a network of veins providing base value.
This is truly a hands-on manufacturing network with the strength of a thousand people.

The pillars supporting Japanese industry are the diverse and varied group of hands-on manufacturing companies, engineers, and masters. They each have unique techniques and knowhow, but it has become difficult for them to survive in a competitive global environment.

I has become necessary to effectively connect their strengths together, or to contrive gimmicks, frameworks, and promotions to produce synergy. It seems as though this is where Uematsu Shokai's catalyst-like power is becoming more and more desired.

Even for the provision of one screw, we don't just dryly sell our items on the Internet, but we meet our clients face-to-face. This allows us to know the background of why they need our products, what concerns and challenges their company is being faced with, and also allows us to pick up on further knowledge about the industry. This allows us to introduce and arrange services that are necessary for our clients' further development such as human resources, partners, suppliers, outsourcers, etc.

In other words, Uematsu Shokai acts as a catalyst that produces a new "something" by connecting strangers who previously knew nothing of each other's existence.

Under the theme "local production, local trade," we are revitalizing hands-on production in the Tohoku region.

As a direct sales trading company, Uematsu Shokai is presently doing business with approximately 800 clients and approximately 1000 suppliers. We also have constructed a sales network of 12 offices that stretch across the Tohoku area, including Yokohama, centered at our headquarters at Sendai in Miyagi Prefecture. With this network, we strive to provide speedy responses and detailed service as well as further community-based business development.

Our theme is "local production, local trade." Uematsu Shokai is an information platform that is proactively driving circulating business that provides local communities with products made within those local communities.

At the same time, through the exchange and promotion of information and technology that transcends local communities and industries, we would like to revitalize hands-on industry in the Tohoku region. We will continue our tireless efforts to face the challenges of improving regional lifestyles and regional industrial development as a hands-on production networked trading company.

ISO Certification

ISO14001 Certification

In 2006, our company obtained ISO14001 certification for all of our business locations. ISO14001 is an international standard for environmental management systems. We strive to be a company that contributes to society and the environment, continually improves itself, and develops its business.

Certified business
HQ (Wakabayashi-ku, Sendai), Sennan sales office (Iwanuma, Miyagi Prefecture), Fukushima sales office (Fukushima, Fukushima Prefecture), Shirakawa sales office (Shirakawa, Fukushima Prefecture), Haracho sales office (Minamisoma, Fukushima Prefecture), Furukawa sales office (Furukawa, Miyagi Prefecture), Ishinomaki sales office (Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture), Ichinoseki sales office (Ichinoseki, Iwate Prefecture), Morioka sales office (Shiwa District, Iwate Prefecture), Kitakami sales office (Kitakami, Iwate Prefecture), Hachinohe sales office (Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture), Sendai sales office (in our HQ)
Standards ISO 14001:2004
JIS Q 14001:2004
Date certified February 17, 2006
Certification no. 187087
Scope The distribution and all related business of machine tools, machine tool accessories, industrial machinery, and conductors in all of our business locations.
Certifying body BVQI Japan Co.,Ltd.

Environmental Policy

Uematsu Shokai Co., Ltd. recognizes global environment issues as challenges shared by all of mankind, treats such issues as serious management priorities, and strives to reduce burden on the environment through corporate activities.

Fundamental policies

  • 1. Approach to the environment

    In order to facilitate the reduction of environmental burden, we shall strive for continual improvement and prevent pollution. Management and employees shall all join together and drive these efforts.

  • 2. Compliance to related regulations

    In addition to adhering to ordnances and regulations, we shall also determine independent criteria and internal standards when needed with consideration of the environmental impact of corporate activities on the environment.

  • 3. Efforts for a recycle-based society

    We shall strive to save natural resources, save energy, and reduce waste. Through the promotion of recycling activities, we shall encourage the effective utilization of resources.

  • 4. The distribution of environmentally friendly products

    We shall strive to spread environmentally friendly products that contribute to the improvement of the environment. Through the provision of our products and services, we shall contribute to reducing environmental burden.

  • 5. Awareness and disclosure

    We shall make all employees aware of our environmental policies and also disclose our policies to those outside of our company, as well.